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Banks and Financial RSS Feeds

Financial RSS Feeds

Financial institutions are reaching out to clients using RSS feeds. While banks and financial institutions are usually slow to adopt new technology, that is not the case with RSS adoption. More and more professionals are using RSS in innovative ways, to stay ahead of their competition.

1. Bank Rate Changes
Bankers are using RSS to communicate bank rate changes. Feeds are updated regularly to reflect changes to adjustable rate mortgages or the interest rate for CDs.

Federal Reserve

2. Stock Monitoring
Stock analysts monitor stock market changes using RSS feeds. As specific stocks and bonds rise and fall RSS feeds are updated. Many of the tools allow you to customize RSS feeds selecting the stocks or mutual funds that you wish to monitor.

Smart Money -

3. Mortgage Rates
Customers seeking housing can monitor mortgage rates through a variety of lenders using RSS feeds. Rate changes appear in the RSS feeds as the new rates are announced.

Long and Foster -

4. Employment Opportunities
Members of the finance industry can monitor job opportunities using RSS. As new jobs in the financial industry become available the job listings appear in the RSS feed.

4 Finance Jobs -

5. Currency Exchange Rates
Banks, financial institutions and economists can monitor currency exchange rates using RSS feeds. As the changes the new rates appear in the RSS feed.

Currency Source -
New York Federal Reserve -

6. Foreclosures
Banks are using RSS feeds to publicize properties that are available via foreclosures.

Foreclosure Listings -

7. Auction Opportunities
Estate auctions are publicized and announced using RSS feeds.

Auction RSS Feed -

8. Financial Industry News
Financial analysts can now monitor the latest financial industry news by subscribing to RSS feeds.

Money Central -

9. Venture Investment Monitoring
Venture funding capital investors interested in watching trends in venture funding can subscribe to RSS feeds to determine where the venture capital funding is going.

Almeida Capital -

10. Personal Finance Tips
Blogs containing personal finance tips are common place. Some of the best personal finance blogs have RSS feeds available.

This is Money -

11. Credit/Debt Consolidation Information
Tips on Debt management and credit consolidation are a common feed topic.

TRX Credit -

12. Tax Laws
Accountants are using RSS to stay current on the latest income and sales tax laws.

Australian Taxation Office -

13. Investment Properties
Real estate investors can now watch for investment properties using RSS. As new properties become available feeds are updated.

Property RSS -

14. Continuing Education
Accountants and those in the financial industry can stay current on tax laws or brush up on investing by listening to podcast lectures.

Educational Feeds -

15. Monitor Real Estate Sales
The temperature of the housing market is of significant interest to many in the financial industry. Investors can monitor property sales by creating a zip code specific feed or by subscribing to feeds the cover a specific location.

Realty Feeds -

16. Investment Advice and News
Investors are using blogs and RSS feeds to provide a smattering of investment advice to attract clients.

Security Exchange Commissions -

17. Bankruptcy Announcements
RSS feeds to watch for bankruptcy filings of individuals and companies that have entered bankruptcy protection.

US Courts -

18. Corporate News
Financial companies must stay current on corporations, and there are often press announcements, new product announcements or legal actions. Monitoring corporate feeds will keep analysts up to date on the latest information.

Agilent -

19. Loan Rates
Monitor lending rates for student loans, car loans or home equity lines by subscribing to RSS feeds.

Student Loans Rates-

20. Tax News
Stay current on tax laws and changes using RSS feeds.

Tax News-

Financial companies can stay ahead of their competition and maximize their time by using RSS to stay up to date on relevant industry news.

More great examples of Financial Feeds:
Finance Investing RSS Directory -
Michael Page -

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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