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Understanding RSS Feeds

What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds
RSS also known as rich site summary or real simply syndication, arrived on the scene a number of years ago, but was only recently embraced by webmasters as a means to effectively syndicate content. RSS Feeds provide webmasters and content providers an avenue to provide concise summaries to prospective readers. Thousands of commercial web sites and blogs now publish content summaries in an RSS feed. Each item in the feed typically contains a headline; article summary and link back to the online article.

Understanding RSS Feeds

Create an RSS Feed

Software to Create Feeds
If you are not as confident and would like software to create the feed we strongly recommend FeedForAll an extremely easy to use feed creation tool that allows webmasters to create, edit and publish rss feeds.

If you want to create an RSS feed using a text editor a step by step walk-through at Make RSS Feeds will help.

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Social Media in a recession, does it make financial sense?

How do companies stay afloat in recessionary times with so many calls for financial prudence and as far as the additional cost of marketing goes, is a recession a good time to lay back on your Social Media efforts or should you be stepping it up?

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Feds Launch Social Media Verification Registry

The U.S. Digital Registry was announced Jan. 29 as a one-stop shop for the social networking needs of government departments who are actively engaged on such platforms as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike official government websites that end with .gov or .mil, profiles created through third-party platforms can often look deceptively authentic, but are used to mislead the public and steal personal information.

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Kids, Safety and Social Media

For better or worse, we are all on high alert about the whereabouts of children, even those who are not our own. Adults who saw a creepy looking 18-year-old at a coffee shop sweet-talking an underage girl would become suspicious and some might even contact the authorities.

And certainly parents today — who sometimes go to the lengths of attaching GPS devices to their kids backpacks and tracking them using cellphone apps — would never allow an adult male to have regular unsupervised contact with their young daughters. But it happens regularly through social media.

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Probation Department Says Social Media Outreach Works

Lately, Facebook newsfeeds have been seeing a new page pop up asking for assistance from the community, and the response has been abundant.

Jessica Williams, chief probation officer and program director of the Ross County Probation Department, created a Facebook page for the agency a few weeks ago. She started posting names of people wanted on warrants after violating the terms of their probation, along with their pictures.

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Jump Start your Company’s Social Media Strategy

Whether you’re new to social media or a pro, an effective social media program can broadcast   both your company and employment brand. It may also help stock your sales funnel.

Tackle these four fundamentals and you’ll be off and running.

#1: Start with a clear-cut strategy.

A clear social media strategy can help maximize your efforts from the outset. Start with your goals:

Identify your top priority and focus on it.
Who do you want to reach? How do they use social media?
Do you want to drive traffic to your website or store -- or both?
How can community engagement help support these goals?

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Social Media and the Internet will Help your Business Grow

The greatest change over the last few years in promotion and advertising is the use of the Internet.

Our websites are a platform to blog and promote our business. In addition links to social media are vitally important.

The use of Twitter and Facebook has grown considerably – every business, no matter what size, can enjoy the benefits of social media.

We have focussed on Twitter and Facebook a lot over the last 12 months. Gradually we have increased our activity and developed what we think works best for us.

On Facebook we have a business page. We regularly post technical articles about current accounts and taxation topics. These prove popular and often result in questions and contact from current clients.

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Announcing Feed Monsters…

Feed Monsters is a web based service that lets you change values within RSS feeds, resort the values within the RSS feeds and filter the RSS feeds.

After you get signed up you create your monster and give it an RSS feed to chew on.

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Create an RSS Feed for any Search Result

Whether you are constantly searching your own name online (you know who you are) or there is a topic you want to follow closely, Google Alerts lets you know when new pages hit the web that match your query—and you can convert these results into an RSS feed (or something else) to make them easier to manage.

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Twitter needs searchable GIFs for fun and profit

This week, a group of Android users noticed a new feature in the Twitter app: a GIF button that can be used to search through trending GIFs to drop into status updates.

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Is Social Media Changing The Way We Think About Lawsuits?

One of the first things some people do after a major life incident is to post on social media, and sometimes those life incidents are rather personal for such a public venue. This has repercussions in two different ways.

First, people create their own liability by posting online.

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Slow Feeds Organizes Your RSS Feeds, Highlights Stories You Might Miss

Slow Feeds organizes your subscriptions into different lists. Theres a stream for low-volume sites that do not update terribly often (sites that update, weekly, for example, but when they do, you want to read them), a stream for the remaining high-volume sites that you can check more regularly, a stream specifically of the most-linked webpages in your feeds, and even a special feed just for articles you have starred to save for later, or review in order which is great if you are starring a bunch of articles on a specific topic, for example..

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Twitter opens topical Moments feed to UK advertisers

Twitters Moments feature lets users step back from their rapid-fire feeds and see what hot topics are dominating internet chatter. From news to funnies to trending subjects, Moments blend media and commentary into curated, bitesize overviews.

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Ignorance is Bliss for Legal Bloggers and Publishers

Even though legal publishers, both law firms and traditional media, put a lot of time and effort into publishing, their publishing platforms are often outdated, deficient or broken. Worst of all, the publishers have no idea.

Like many people I use Feedly, a news aggregator, to stay abreast of news, information, developments and commentary. Others use Manzama, Zama, Flipboard or corporate-installed news aggregators. I liberally share what I read directly from Feedly to Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social sharing like this is how news moves today, lots of people read and share. We call it social media.

Most of the items shared are shared by a select group within particular industries. They are called the influencers.

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Really simple suggestions for RSS

The raw simplicity of RSS is its beauty, so any upgrades need to maintain that simplicity. But we can create additional function without sacrificing RSS’s usefulness.

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

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Has Social Media Ruined Our Perception of Newsworthy Stories?

According to a study by Pew Research, the number of people who get their news from Facebook and Twitter has increased significantly over the past few years. As of 2015, 63 percent of Facebook users turn to the social platform for their daily news, and the same percent of Twitter users browse news stories via the site.

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Too Much Social Media Can Cause Phantom Phone Vibrations

On average people check social media every 6 and a half minutes,thats about 150 times a day.

And that habit is creating phantom phone vibrations in some people.

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Munch is a fast efficient RSS Reader for Android

Feeds are added one after the other to Munch which is the program's greatest shortcoming, especially if you have an opml file full of feeds already that you would like to import.

This means that you need to add feed after feed manually in the application which is a problem considering that you need to get hold of feed urls first somehow to do so.

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Science Related RSS Feeds

You can keep up-to-date with the content posted on Science Journals by subscribing to our E-mail alerts and our RSS feeds.

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Keep your Business Relevant on Social Media

Social media is driving our lives right now. You may say that is untrue, but I say you are in denial unless you are one of those emasculated men who share a Facebook account with your wife or you are part of the 1 percent who spends little to no time online. This is 2016 and Facebook has more than one billion daily active users. One billion. Daily. Active. Users. Amazing.

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LinkedIn for Lawyers: Newly Issued Ethical Guidance Makes Social Media Use Less Risky

The ethics guidance interpreting Attorney Advertising rules in the social media context continues to evolve, but this time the evolution appears to be for the better, taking into account the realities of the growing use of social media. As you may recall, early last year, the New York County Lawyers Association weighed in on the ethical implications for lawyers using LinkedIn and suggested that attorneys using the self-proclaimed Worlds Largest Professional Network needed to beware that their posts on that site, even the most casual, did not run afoul of the attorney advertising rules.

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How to Curate Content

What is the single most important element of good social media engagement? Your content.

With good content you can attract an audience with so much more ease. And at the end of the day, you end up with an excellent brand image.

The only way to consistently share content is through content curation.

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JustCast Turns A Dropbox Folder Into A Podcast RSS Feed

JustCast is built as a simple way to create a feed for your own podcasts without dealing with hosts, but it is just as good for making your own private feeds of various audio files you need to listen to.

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Facebook Tests Multiple News Feeds Based on your Interests

The social network is testing multiple News Feeds inside its mobile app, as the feature is live for select users. In addition to the main feed, tabs for specific topics like Style, Travel and Headlines line the top of the interface. When you select one, the feed is distilled down to relevant posts from your friends and Pages you follow. Facebook says the feature is in the testing phase, so it could be a bit before it is open to all users.

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SEO Benefits to RSS Feeds

  The RSS feed is really something we see as more of a technical help to crawl and index the content a bit better.  So if you have a website that is changing content fairly quickly, a news website, a blog with a  lot of new content, maybe even a shop that has lots of new content, then the RSS feed really helps us stay on top of things so we can pick up on all of those new URLs and crawl them as soon as we can.

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Not Forget About Social Media

Social media has become a popular (and profitable) marketing tool for new and experienced entrepreneurs. Establishing an account and building an audience organically costs only time, and most platforms offer reasonably priced advertising options for those who want a little extra push.

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6 Ways to Enhance Social Media

Luckily, there are ways that you can improve your blog posts and other content to make them more shareable on social media. If you implement these tips when creating content and posting on your blog, you might be surprised by the number of shares that you get. In no time, you’re sure to be pulling more traffic from social media than ever before!

1. Optimize Your Images for Social Media

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Charities Use Social Media

Charities are turning to online stars with large YouTube audiences, following an approach increasingly used by big brands to reach new donors and volunteers.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation, for children with life-threatening illnesses, DigDeep, the non-profit organisation focused on water, and Los Angeles-based anti-poverty group United Way are among the charities using a new technology platform designed to let this new kind of minor social media celebrity do their marketing for them.

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The Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS Resources

Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place...ok, we're kidding, but we've aimed to create a near comprehensive list of all the RSS readers, tools, browser plugins, tips, hacks and directories available on the web.

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35 Ways Social Media Marketing Improved in 2015 and How to Make the Most of it in 2016

In 2015, we have seen several major changes and improvements to the way we conduct business on social media. We have seen brand new networks rise, while others have fallen. We have watched popular networks pivot, and promising networks not take off as expected.

This years social media ad revenue is estimated to total $23 billion.

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Get Organized: Clean Up Your RSS Feed Reader

Nothing motivates me to clean up like having to move. When I move house, which I do more often than I like, I see it as a time to purge junk and scrub the new place from corner to corner before moving in any of my stuff.

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01/07/2016, a Web-based RSS reader that lets you create tailored feeds by keywords and popularity.

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This Chrome Extension Replaces Facebooks Trending Topics with any RSS feed

Are you tired of Facebooks trending section in your News Feed? Celebrity news getting annoying? Would you rather have legitimate news? Introducing Fluffblocker.

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Revamping Your Social Media Sites for the New Year

The end of the year is drawing near, which means its time for fresh starts and new beginnings. While that does apply to whichever New Year’s resolution you plan to make in 2016 (and, in all likelihood, abandon by February), it applies to social media sites as well.

Unfriend and Unfollow
The new year is the perfect time to go through your friends list with a fine-toothed comb. Here is a quick guide for whether you should be friends with someone online: Do you know who this person is? Have you seen him or her in the last year? Do you honestly think you’ll need to talk to him or her in the future?

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Time to Prune

New Years is a great time to prune your RSS feeds so that they continue to load quickly.

How to Know What You Need to Know - All the Time

If you want to have mastery of all the news, information and updates about yourself, your business, your industry and your areas of specialty, then this may be the most important column you will read all year.  I'm going to show you how to build the ultimate information dashboard that will sit on your desktop or live in your mobile app and will update you in real time whenever anything of interest happens anywhere on the Internet.

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How Can I Organize My RSS Feeds So They Are More Manageable?

You are definitely not alone in feeling the RSS information overload. As wonderful as it is to be able to tap into all the information in the world, there are only so many hours in the day to spend consuming it all. Not to worry: With a little pruning, filtering and prioritizing, we can turn the deluge of data into a nice, manageable stream of content.

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4 Key Social Media Marketing Trends To Lead The Game in 2016

The same laws of attraction have never governed the social media marketing scene for too long.

Just as one Tweet changes another, so does user preferences when it comes to consuming online content. New social media rise and fall quickly and this year SnapChat and Periscope already shown a great influence on the marketing landscape. With new players entering the field and old companies rushing to introduce new features and innovations, the rules of social media play hardly ever stay the same.

In 2016 we should expect to see new exciting trends and changes in the social scene and here are the top 4.

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How to Use RSS

The Internet is a big place. Really big. With more than a billion existing pages and thousands more being created each day, there is a wealth of great sites offering fantastic content free of charge. But with such a massive torrent of media being produced each and every day, it can often be tough to keep up with all your favorite websites. So, how do we alleviate this problem? Easy.

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