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Locate Jobs with RSS Feeds

Using RSS Feeds To Locate Jobs

In addition to actually seeking a job, there are also other valid reasons to monitor the job market. Perhaps you are satisfied in your current position, but just want to keep an eye on new positions in a specific sector. Perhaps you are just curious to know what the wages are for similar positions. The job market can be monitored quite easily using RSS feeds. You can subscribe to RSS feeds in order to find specific company job openings, employment available within a specific region (i.e. by using a postal or zipcode), specific positions available, or to locate all jobs within a specific wage range.

The following are websites that have RSS feeds to help employees looking for jobs...


JobDig is an employment-focused media company that helps businesses of all sizes within any industry lower the cost and improve the effectiveness of their hiring and recruitment advertising. JobDig also features weekly articles by best-selling authors on hiring issues such as ways to retain and recognize your employees. JobDig lists job feeds by industry and by location. Subscribe to the feeds and receive notification when new jobs are advertised.

JobDig -


CareerOne job hunters can search websites by newspaper, recruiter, industry, employer, or geographic location, and then add keywords to target the search even more. Their website allows you to search for a position and save the search results in an RSS feed. If any new jobs are announced that match your search criteria, the feed will automatically update in your RSS reader. On the editorial side, CareerOne continues to offer job hunters plenty of information to help with researching employers, industries, and roles, as well as tackling every step of the job hunting process.

CareerOne -


Job search results are available via RSS. Create a search query and subscribe to the feed that is created. The URL for the feed can be found in the bottom-right corner after the search is conducted.

Craigslist -


UKlug searches 62 International job websites and contains more than 500,000 jobs in its database. The job search results can be saved as an RSS feed.

UKlug -

InfoOil Careers

Subscribe to their RSS job feeds to have the jobs in the oil and gas industry delivered directly to your desktop as they are made available on the website.

InfoOil Careers -


CareerMatrix provides assistance to employers in their never-ending search for quality candidates, and helps job seekers in their quest to find the perfect job. CareerMatrix is not an employment agency, but rather a totally free resource for job seekers, and has jobs categories available via RSS feeds.

CareerMatrix -

Hospital Jobs

OnLine Monitor jobs available in the healthcare industry. Hospital Jobs OnLine specializes in healthcare and medical jobs available on the Internet. As a healthcare, hospital, and medical job board, Hospital Jobs Online matches healthcare workers and medical job seekers with hospital, healthcare and medical facilities, staffing companies, travel companies, and recruiters!

Hospital Jobs Online -

k A job website based in England, which focuses on careers in academic, research, science, and related professions. RSS feeds are available for job categories. -


Employers use Jobster to connect with valuable audiences of active and passive candidates, through a range of services for employers and recruiting teams of all sizes. RSS feeds are available.

Jobster -


Indeed is a search engine for jobs, with a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. Indeed includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages, and new sites are added daily. You can save your job search as a Job Alert email or as an RSS feed. Choose one or both to have new jobs matching your search automatically delivered to you.

Indeed -

Take an active approach to monitoring the employment industry and its job opportunities by utilizing RSS feeds and alerts.

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