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RSS Blog & RSS News

Discount on RSS Book for a Limited Amount of Time

FeedForAll has negotiated a discount for users on Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS by Rok Hrastnik.

This book is extremely comprehensive and really explains RSS in no-nonense terms. It contains marketing ideas for beginners and novices, and has something for everyone. The offer is only good though April 6, 2005 so if you are interested in purchasing do so soon!

Steps to Create RSS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication as it is commonly known, is a technology that gives webmasters the ability to easily distribute and publish syndicated content on the Internet. It seems like all Internet businesses now have RSS feeds available; at least your competitors do. You have finally made the decision that you have to have one. Where do you start?

Complete Article - Steps to Create RSS

Grow Your Amazon Revenue - AmazonAds from RSS Syndication
03/28/2005 not to be confused with  offers new AmazonAds. AmazonAds is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display Amazon unobtrusive product ads on their website's content pages and earn money.

The ads can be categorized by Channels (Products Category) and so you can display only "Electronics" or "Books" ad and so are always related to what you want your users to looking for on your site. If you want to display specific keyword based products than, we do have a facility for you as well, where in your can specify Keyword + Category and you would get ads based on your criteria. You'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages. AmazonAds is the program that can give you amazon product revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.

Additional Details - AmazonAds

Adobe Adopted RSS Feeds

Adobe realizing RSS is an important communication channel of the future has implemented RSS feeds for all of their products - Receive automatic updates about top issues and new support documents for your Adobe products--straight from the Adobe Support Knowledgebase.

Amazing Profit Potential in RSS - Article by Rok Hrastnik

The marketing and profit potential of RSS is, simply said, quite amazing. It's not just good for blogs, and it's certainly much more than »just another« way of getting your content to your readers. And it's just reaching the tipping point. There are still only »a few« RSS publishers and RSS usage is growing every day. This is your best chance to get on the wave... To get you started, here's a quick overview of what RSS can do for your internet business...

Complete Article - RSS : The Amazing Profit Potential

Differing Opinions on RSS

Well reports are out and there could not be a starker difference between the pundits.

While Slashdot asserts that  according to a recent survey RSS use is expected to increase drammatically.

"The Slashdot RSS Study explores current usage of RSS feeds and future applications for fulfilling daily information needs at the desktop as well as in new media platforms. Survey highlights of the 230 respondents include:"

--  73% will increase their use of RSS feeds in the next year.
--  Most users received their feeds through a Web-based RSS syndication
    service but many users do not use traditional methods to read their feeds,
    instead relying on mobile and other devices to obtain their feeds.
--  Receiving feeds through mobile units such as cell phones, SMS
    messaging, voice mail, WAP or portable audio players will increase.
--  Technology will improve as RSS use increases, making RSS feeds easier
    for users to read and for publishers to deliver.

JupiterResearch claims that RSS adoption is not really simple.

"The hype is shifting from search engine marketing to RSS, the trendy abbreviation for really simple syndication or rich site summary, depending on who's doing the selling."
"But a new report from JupiterResearch claims RSS will not have a significant effect as a supplemental alternative to e-mail marketing."

"Most marketers remain skeptical of using RSS as a mechanism to supplement their e-mail marketing newsletter content," states the report written by JupiterResearch's David Daniels, Zori Bayriamova and Eric T. Peterson.

While industry professionals like Rok Hrastnik of Marketing Studies defends RSS as a misunderstood technology, it is clear that there is still lots of room for education. The potential of RSS is significant a little education will go a long way!

Displaying RSS Feeds

Content contained in RSS feeds can be added to websites a number of different ways. Each method for displaying the RSS feed has pros and cons associated with it. Webmasters will need to determine which option will best meet their hosting and technology needs.
Complete Article - Displaying RSS Feeds

Google Faces a Law Suit Over Syndication

Agence France-Presse (AFP) has sued internet search giant Google for $17.5 million in damages for copyright infringement. The news agency, which is headquartered in Paris, says that Google has been publishing photos, headlines and news stories without AFP permission on its popular Google News Beta.

"We allow publishers to opt out of Google News but most publishers want to be included because they believe it is a benefit to them and to their readers," Google spokesman Steve Langdon told Reuters.

AFP sells subscriptions for its news content to some 600 clients; however, the company alleges that Google's search engine crawler has been grabbing and displaying their media content on Google News for free.

The decision could have serious implications for the future of RSS and syndication. AFP's content is available in a feed. The suit could be a significant blow to syndication as we know it.

RSS Versions - Clarifying Differences on RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds has done the best job I've seen of visually representing the differences between RSS versions. Versions are shown in chronological order and the attributes are bolded when they first appear in the specification.
Check out

Microsoft Rolls Out Test RSS Collector

Microsoft's MSN division has started testing a Web-based RSS aggregator, a move it's making to keep up with rivals like Ask Jeeves, and Google, Yahoo.

Microsoft's MSN division has started testing a Web-based RSS aggregator, a move it's making to stay with rivals like Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves.
The new page is clean and advertising-free, includes categories of pre-set RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds, and lets users enter both RSS- and Atom-formatted feeds to customize the aggregate.

The Web aggregator is tied to MSN Search, and also saves search histories.

Podcasting Site

Check out podcasting tools, a site very similar to rss specifications but focused on podcasting! Podcasting tools contains a section for submitting podcasts, podcasting software, podcasting graphics, podcasting forums and much more.

Optimize Your RSS Feed for Search Engines

Tips for Helping Your RSS Feed Perform!

In some ways RSS is very similar to HTML, the language commonly used to create websites. Just as with HTML, webmasters using traditional search engine optimization tactics when creating an RSS feed will find that their RSS feed receives additional exposure and interest.

Complete Article - RSS Search Engine Optimization

New RSS Submission Sites Added

We have recently expanded the list of RSS directories that accept RSS feed submissions. In order to maximize your feeds exposure be sure to list to all the new RSS directories listed on RSS Specification Submission List.

RSS Feeds for

Time Magazine has made RSS feeds available for top stories, photo essays, most viewed stories, and top rated TIME covers.

It seems that all publishers are getting on board with RSS and syndication.

RSS & Blogging Craziness!

There eas a lot of flap this week at the suggestion from an FEC commissioner that blogs MIGHT have links considered as a campaign contribution.

Fortunately the rational politicians who are behind campaign reform say that it is just rhetoric. Let us all hope that the US government does not attempt to regulate linking - imagine them trying to comprehend the nofollow tag....

RSS For Business

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a new way to broadcast corporate news and structured information. RSS offers a quick, easy corporate communication channel. The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed's content keep customers, partners and journalists abreast of corporate news and information. The RSS feeds are read using a tool referred to as a news aggregator, or an RSS reader. The aggregator periodically checks to see if the RSS feed has been updated. As the feed is updated, new information will automatically appear in the RSS reader.

While RSS was at one point only considered to be a means to deliver news headlines, RSS has quickly become a powerful medium to disseminate all kinds of information. As traditional marketers are attempting to rein in content delivery, measuring e-mail open rates, click-throughs and conversions, Internet users are fighting to gain control over the content they receive. Savvy marketers and business owners are using RSS as a way to improve corporate communication and increase their external exposure and brand appeal.

Complete Article - RSS for Business

Yahoo Directory Feeds Now Available

Yahoo! News is now offering directory feeds in the RSS format. The feeds are free of charge to use for individuals and non-profit organizations for non-commercial use. Attribution is required.

Check out Yahoo's List of Directory Feeds

Lee Underwood of's RSS Review

RSS technology is really taking off. According to a recent study, 5% of Internet users say they use RSS. That's almost 46,700,000 users! Most news sites now publish RSS feeds. Aside from news, these feeds can also be used for announcing new products, Web site updates, blogs and anything else to keep your visitors informed. WebReference even has a list of RSS feeds for many of the Web sites on RSS feeds allow users to view a large amount of information without having to visit several Web sites to obtain it. This information can be gathered by an RSS reader ("aggregator") and read in one place and is described as "syndicating content."

As a Web developer, part of your job may be to create RSS feeds or develop a method that a client can use directly. In the past, this was usually done manually or through the use of Perl scripts, but now there are several software applications that make the creation process much easier.

Complete Article - Review RSS

Weather Watch RSS

Create an RSS feed to monitor the weather in your area. RSS Weather's feed format - replace the XXXXX with a 5 digit US zipcode to monitor the temperature.

NextUp's NewsAloud Now Supports RSS

NewsAloud personal news agent from finds the stories you want, then reads them aloud in a natural, human sounding voice.

NewsAloud is easy to set up and get started with right away. Select the categories for news you want and choose how you want to be notified when new stories are found. Select from several available voices to create your own personal information broadcast.
Additional Details - NewsAloud

AllRecipes RSS Feeds
03/04/2005 offers several "Daily Recipes" RSS feeds organized into topics. Each feed includes several recipe items -- these include brief descriptions and links to the full recipe.

Monetizing RSS and Adding Ads To Feeds

Moreover Technologies, provider of aggregated online current awareness information, announced FeedDirect RSS Ads, the first self-service integrated RSS feed delivery and monetization service. The service is offered as part of FeedDirect, a Moreover property that provides personal website owners and Bloggers with tools to increase traffic, maximize distribution and profit from their content. Kanoodle?, a leading provider of sponsored listings for content and search results pages, will power the RSS feed monetization, reporting and publisher account management components of the service via its BrightAds self-service product.

Moreover says that RSS feed publishers will now benefit from the ability to insert content-targeted, revenue-generating sponsored links within posts or as an individual post, providing publishers with unparalleled flexibility to monetize their content.

MediaPost Thinks RSS Might Be Ready for Prime Time

MediaPost offered this analysis related to RSS' progress.

For now, less than 5 percent of Internet users currently employ RSS readers. That minority consists mainly of media and tech professionals, and bloggers who contend with information overload on a daily basis.

But analysts say that RSS could quickly shed its niche status if consumers realize they no longer have to surf from Web site to Web site, scrolling their favorites menu for content. Instead, RSS readers pull in headlines and text continually, allowing users to create customized content from publishers, blogs, and search engines. Most offer alerts, which bring everything from product releases, sports scores, and natural disasters to users' immediate attention.

Complete Article

How Podcasting is Used

Although podcasting is new, it is well on its way to becoming a mainstream communication medium. Podcasting, simply put, is audio files that are delivered via RSS. Many people believe that podcasting is solely for the distribution of music files, but really, nothing could be further from the truth.

Article - How Podcasting is Used

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