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RSS Parsers
Development tools designed to parse files and create an RSS feed

From now on, you can read any XML newsfeed from the comfort of a Usenet news reader such as MS Outlook Express. News will pop up in your inbox automatically, instantly. Genecast News Service is a server based news aggregator, that converts XML streams to Usenet News. Anyone can add a new newsfeed/newsgroup, if it does not already exist.

zFeeder is a PHP script used to display RSS content. It can be used to display other's content on your site, your intranet or your desktop. It is also known as an aggregator or feedreader and it parses RSS
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An RSS aggregator that sorts news items by how interesting it thinks you'll find them. With the NewsRanker you can stay on top of hundreds of subscriptions without wasting time digging through the many items that you don't care about.

News2Web allows you to publish your very own industry specific news pages on your Intranet or Internet website. Taking advantage of the latest XML and RSS Newsfeed technologies, publishing an industry or subject specific news page couldn't be easier.


RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.

Audio Recording Software
Record and edit audio files with software.

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