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RSS to Email

software allows users to receive and read rss feeds in your email client.

Mail By RSS
MailbyRSS is a FREE service for authoring RSS channels by email. It is ideal for organizations that wish to augment their opt-in e-mail campaigns with RSS channels, providing them a way to ensure that the information they publish reaches subscribers without being blocked by spam lists or filters.

a revolutionary new way of receiving news and other RSS feeds in an eMail application. With IzyNews, you can subscribe to thousands of weblogs and professionally syndicated headlines feeds for delivery right into your eMail application.

Info Aggregator
RSS-to-IMAP service. It lets you receive and read RSS feeds in your favorite mail client. It delivers all the latest news and blog posts directly to your mailbox.

Oddpost is an award-winning web-based email application with an astounding news aggregator built right in. Advanced spam filtering, a refreshing absence of advertising, and an unparalleled interface with the speed and ease of use of a desktop application are but a select few of the myriad pleasures enjoyed by the Oddpost subscriber

PopHeadlines allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and have them delivered to you through your email client. It provides a POP3 server which fetches items from RSS feeds and passes them on as normal emails. This allows you to read RSS feeds in your favourite email client - any email client.
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RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.

Audio Recording Software
Record and edit audio files with software.

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