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Why Authors Should Blog

Why Authors Should Blog
by John Colanzi

While watching the presidential conventions I was struck by the fact that blogs had totally revolutionized the publishing industry. Sitting right alongside the major news agencies were the bloggers frantically typing on their laptops. Even seasoned veterans who had covered past conventions mentioned the power of this new media.

Due to the dynamic nature of blogs, the bloggers with their laptops could report in real time, thus getting their stories online long before the morning newspapers would hit the streets. Commentators even mentioned that many of the breaking news stories had been reported first by bloggers.

Think about this for a minute. Gutenberg revolutionized the publishing industry by letting writers mass produce their work.

The next phase of growth was the Internet. Finally anyone could publish their work and have it sent around the globe in seconds. When the digital publishing revolution hit, it seemed too good to be true.

With the digital revolution anyone and everyone could now spread their message. Writers could bypass the traditional publishing industry and save time in getting their work to the public.

They no longer had to fear that dreaded rejection slip. They could succeed or fail on their own merit. No one had control over how or what he or she could write.

The Internet was a writerís paradise.

It seemed as good as it could get.

Well, we hadnít seen anything. Web logs, or blogs as they are called, have propelled publishing to the next level.

Not only could writers publish in real time, they could have it online instantly.

As powerful as that may be, the real power lies in the ability to syndicate your writing by plugging your content into an RSS feed.

Imagine the possibilities. You can now become a part of a targeted network of like-minded blogs and have your content spread through the entire network in the twinkling of an eye.

Youíve got the ability to tap into the ultimate in viral marketing and branding. You can build an audience overnight.

So, how can you get started?

The first thing youíll need is a blog. Donít let the concept of a blog intimidate you. Iíve got a blog and trust me; Iím not the sharpest axe in the shed when it comes to technology.

To get started youíll need a blog. Here are a few sites you'll find helpful.

FactoSystem Weblog (ASP based)



GeekLog - The Ultimate Weblog System


Your goal when creating content for you blog, is the same as it would be when creating a website. Your content will be designed to attract the audience that would be interested in your books. The same idea applies when adding your blog to an RSS feed.

You want to have your content syndicated to individuals that have an interest in your writings and are willing to buy your books. Your content gives them a taste of your writing style and expertise. The feed makes sure you get maximum exposure.

An added benefit is most blogs allow visitors to post comments about your site. By posting their comments and having you reply, they get to know you are a real person. The ability to have a give and take with your visitors is an extremely powerful tool.

Your readers will feel comfortable doing business with someone they know. Your next step is to plug into an RSS feed. Your goal when syndicating your content, is the same goal you would have when building the traditional ezine list.

The feed will drive targeted traffic to your blog, but itís your ability to provide quality content that will keep them coming back. So where can you learn more about RSS feeds?

An excellent place to start is RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites.

This site is just what the name implies. The top 55 blog directory and submission sites. You can find a feed for any subject. If youíre serious about you writing, grab your blog. Plug into an RSS feed and become an expert overnight.

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Copyright (c) John Colanzi. John has been writing on the Internet for 5 years and has a special gift for you. Sign up for your complementary e-Course "How To Build Your Business With Free Advertising." Visit:

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