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Top Podcast Tips for a Great Sound

What defines a good podcast? Make no mistake -- there is a difference between a good podcast and a not-so-good podcast. A high-caliber podcast is much more than just decent content. The sound quality, and the way a podcast is recorded, will impact the value of the podcast as well. Podcast structure and pre-planning are also important; do not skimp on the production, as it too can make or break a podcast.

Top Podcast Tips for a Great Sound

CBS Asks RSS Question

This question appeared on the CBS Website:

I have a question for any RSS gurus out there: Is there a way to set up my RSS feed so that it does not get published immediately?

The answer is yes, you can use FutureRSS a PHP script to schedule the RSS feed. You can prepublish content weeks or even months in advance, knowing that the content will automatically be displayed at the appropriate time.

(read complete question)

UK Food Warnings Via RSS

The Food Standards Agency website uses a free news feed so it is now even easier to stay updated. The UK Food Standards Agency is equivalent to the FDA in the US.

89 Year Old Political Blogger

With little money or manpower, a barely literate 89-year-old Malaysian grandmother running for parliament in Malaysias general election has turned to cyberspace to reach out to her voters with a Facebook profile and her own blog.

complete article

Can and Should Schools Punish Students for Offensive Blog Posts Outside of School?

A teen who used vulgar slang in an Internet blog to complain about school administrators should not have been punished by the school, her lawyer told a federal appeals court.

But a lawyer for the Burlington, Conn., school told the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday that administrators should be allowed to act if such comments are made on the Web.

Avery Doninger, 17, claims officials at Lewis S. Mills High School violated her free speech rights when they barred her from serving on the student council because of what she wrote from her home computer.

complete article

Software Industry Conference - Boston, MA July 17-19, 2008

The 2008 Software Industry Conference  will be in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Marriott Quincy from July 17-19, 2008.

The Software Industry Conference is a three day event, that culminates with the Shareware Industry Awards ceremony. There are also dozens of informative, educational breakout sessions covering a wide variety of topics. And if that is not enough there are three nights jam packed with plenty of time to mingle with other attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors including an Exhibit Night featuring the best software development products and services.

Attendee registration is only $199 if you register before April 1st!

Website Purpose

When designing a website, it is important that webmasters ask some general questions before they begin the design process...

Website Purpose

Real Estate Video Podcast

The use of technology can define the success or failure of a business. This is no more evident than in the real estate industry. Realtors who flocked to the latest technologies, adopted them, and applied them in order to enhance and sell property, are still prospering.

Real Estate Video Podcast

The Evan Williams Story on Inc.

Who is Evan Williams? The brains behind blogger and twitter. Read his story on Inc. com.

Web Graphics, Photos and Templates

Web Design Elements are topic specific CD ROMs that contain graphics, hiqh quality photographs and web templates about a specific industry. Great solution for small businesses looking for an online identity.

Places to Get Blog Post Ideas

The best blogs and feeds are those that contain unique, fresh, compelling, content. So where do these prolific posters get their ideas? I talked to a handful of bloggers to determine where their inspiration originated for their content.

Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

Blog Post Ideas

TalkDigger Ego Search Tool

TalkDigger is another Ego Search tool, enter a search word or phrase and subscribe to the feed generated. The feed ill update each time TalkDigger locates the defined keyword online.

Political Feeds

Stay up on the elections!

Political Feeds - Locate political feeds and podcasts for politicians.
PolFeeds - Collection of candidate RSS feeds.

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