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RSS Blog & RSS News
Terrar RSS Search Engine

Terrar, one of the oldest RSS search engines on the net, is in the process of being dramatically updated. We've been adding a LOT more feeds. It's at the stage where it's very usable but please consider it as an alpha version right now.

Google Indexing XML?

Yesterday in my google quest for information I stumbled upon, to my surprise an indexed RSS feed! That ranked quite well for the search phrase I was looking for. It was clear the site and feed were popular, and I'm not quite sure how it was indexed but could this be a new era for Google?

How will Google deal with confused users who open raw xml files? Wouldn't a separate search engine specifically for RSS be a better decision than incorporating them into the general results? Is it strategy or an error that rss feeds are appearing within normal results?

NetFlix RSS Feeds

Brian over at Stupid Simple Blog wrote his own NetFlix RSS queue maker. It uses wget and his mozilla cookies file to grab the HTML for his queue, then parses it with a simple perl script and writes the output to an RSS file! Get your movie queue in RSS!

Google to Pay Bloggers

Looking to lure new users to its Blogger publishing platform, Google plans to give up a slice of its own advertising pie.

The search technology darling announced plans to share the profits from its AdSense self-service program that helps publishers serve up contextual advertising. The move is a significant departure from Google's previous policy of keeping all its revenues earned from AdSense.

Since acquiring the Blogger "push-button" Web publishing platform in February 2003, Google has scrapped a paid version of the product and implemented a major redesign. more

War Blogging Under Fire

US Military officials are cracking down on marines and members of the military who have been blogging in Iraq. Critics warned of censorship while the military stressed security concerns and that blogs could easily reveal sensitive information that could jeopardize the fragile security situation in Iraq. While some blogs have been removed all together others need to be reviewed prior to posting.

Technorati about to get 6.5 million in first round of funding

David Sifry and Technorati have received $6.5 million USD in VC funding valuing the company at $12 million dollars.

Statistical Tracking of RSS

According to the statistical mapping on Syndic8 that represents the growth of RSS popularity overtime, shows a recent surge in the adoption of the RSS technology. The total number of RSS feeds available overtime shows a marked increase over the last few months. It appears that RSS is becoming main stream.

Add Images to RSS

Add images to your RSS Feeds. I found a great snippet of XML that allows you to add an image to the top of your RSS feed. The format of the tags is as follows:

<title>name of image</title>

Dress up your RSS feed today!

Kanoodle Serves RSS Ads

Kanoodle said yesterday that it struck a distribution deal with news aggregator Feedster to sprinkle paid listings in Feedster's feeds of search results.

The deal expands the reach of Kanoodle's content listings program, called ContextTarget. Kanoodle also distributes its content listings to partners such as CBS MarketWatch and

Feedster, San Francisco, which indexes more than 8,000 news sources, lets users have their searches sent to them through the Really Simple Syndication feed. Feedster already displays paid search listings on its Web site through Yahoo's Overture Services. Its search feeds will include Kanoodle's ContextTarget listings labeled as advertisements.

Feedster will offer its users the option of paying $10 per year, via PayPal, to receive an ad-free RSS feed.

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