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RSS Blog & RSS News
Add Podcast Sound Effects

Spice up your podcast by adding sound effects and an introduction.

Directory of RSS feeds for Currency

Cool directory of RSS feeds to follow currency exchange rates.

Follow the Olympics Using RSS Feeds

There are an olympic number of RSS feeds and podcasts available to follow the 2012 games.

More olympic RSS feeds.

Is Twitter Angling to be an RSS Reader

Twitter has just announced some new search and discovery tools for its microblogging service (they hate it when we call it that).

On the company blog today, we read that Twitter is adding to its search tools a flurry of new features, including autocomplete, spelling correction, related items, real names and usernames, and results from people you follow.

complete article

Social Media Manners

We learn how to act with politeness, respect, and courtesy in the real world. But in the virtual world, manners are still developing. Some thoughts on commonsense considerateness in the realm of social media.

Social Media Manners

Social Media Bubble

Is the bubble going to burst?

Social media companies, once hailed by their Silicon Valley boosters as world-changing businesses with limitless potential, are instead proving a sobering reminder of how investors can be seduced by Internet hype.

With a few exceptions, the first wave of social media firms to trade on the public markets has delivered a disastrous performance that conjures memories of the dot-com bust of 2000.

complete article

Best RSS Reader for Mac

See what posters think the best RSS Reader for the Mac is...

Add Photos to your Blog

Add some character to your blog posts by adding photos and images.  Bloggers can use royalty free stock photos, they cover just about any topic!

Blog 99 and RSS Submission

You can promote your blog to RSS feed directories. The following is a list that we have used here at Blog 99 and is a standard RSS feed directory list we recommend to others. I would highly recommend that you submit your blog to as many of these RSS feeds as possible.

complete article

More places to submit your RSS Feed

Quora RSS Importer

A tool that is a Google Spreadsheet that imports the most recent Quora posts based on a Quora category.

Quora RSS Importer

Publicize Your RSS Feed

There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you have made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the feed?

Publicize your RSS feed.

RSS Guidelines for Bloggers

If you publish a blog, here are three proposed guidelines for RSS feeds.

complete article

How to Use RSS

The Internet is a big place. Really big. With over a billion existing pages and thousands more being created each day, there are a lot of great sites with a lot of fantastic content out there. But with such a massive torrent of media being produced each day, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all your favorite sites. So how do we alleviate this problem? The answer is simple — really simple in fact. Here is a really simple explanation of Really Simple Syndication.

How to Use RSS

RSS Education Center

Learn all about RSS and RSS feeds using the RSS Education Center

Content Syndication

New websites are being launched daily. In order to compete, webmasters need to find alternative ways of producing themed websites. Highly focused articles are often sought by wembasters. Why? Because content on the web is still king! In order to attract search engines and site visitors, webmasters rely heavily on providing new, innovative and fresh content. If the web site content is rich, visitors will come. If the website content is updated regularly, visitors will return.

Content Syndication

Create An RSS Feed From Google Plus

Here are two third party services to make a  Google Plus RSS feed.

Add Twitter to Google Reader

RSS Readers helps you keep track of latest news and content from your favorite blogs. You may have several feeds added in your RSS Reader that you regularly read. But have you ever wanted to add a Twitter feed to your RSS Reader so that you can track latest tweets from that account? Fortunately, this is possible and involves a small trick.

Add a Twitter Feed to RSS Reader -

Replace rssspecs with the Twitter account name.

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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Record and edit audio files with software.

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