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Video Optimization Part 2

Optimizing your video for search engines will increase the exposure that the video receives, and optimization will also help spread the video's message. Follow these steps to enhance your videos and improve their rankings...

1. Shorter Videos Rank Better

No big surprise here -- the file size of short videos is much smaller than that of longer videos. On the video networks like YouTube, short videos are viewed far more often than longer ones. A length of less than 3 minutes per video seems to be ideal, and absolutely make every effort to keep your video under 10 minutes! If you have a long video segment, consider breaking it into multiple videos. The more popular videos on the video networks are given more exposure, which will also help increase the number of views received.

2. Titles Capture Interest

Just like newspaper headlines, it is important that the title of the video be one that will attract attention. If possible, include important keywords in the video title. This will help the video perform well in video searches for that keyword or phrase. Word order may also make a difference in the video ranking, so try to use the more important keywords at or near the beginning of the video title.

Video Optimization - Part 2

Manage Your Reputation Online

A companys reputation is often critical to that company's success. The anonymity and vastness of the Internet makes managing a reputation much more difficult than it once was. Businesses must be proactive about protecting their brands and reputations.

Manage Your Reputation Online

Google Is More than Just a Search Engine

The architects of the most powerful search engine in the world have included some really handy algorithms in their service, which allow searchers to quickly locate particular and specific types of information...

1. Definitions
In order to quickly find the definition of a word, simply type "define: word" in the search box. Google will then provide the definition of the word.

2. Area Codes
Enter a US telephone area code in the URL box to see a map of the area covered by that telephone area code.

Google Is More Than a Search Engine

RSS Video Tutorials

Learn the intricacies of RSS feeds and podasting with RSS and Podcasting Videos

Search Engine Optimization Myths

A myth is a traditional story, idea, or explanation which is widely accepted, but actually untrue or unproven. Misconceptions can also be described as modern-day myths. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the myths and misconceptions are abundant. We will try to dispel some of the more common Search Engine Optimization myths here...

RSS Image

Here is a good image explaining how RSS Works not sure why the RSS feeds come into two computers they really only need to come into one.

Reuters RSS Feeds

Collection of RSS feeds from Reuters. Stay current on the news using RSS>


Rssybot allows you to watch your RSS feeds from Google Wave. This incredibly simple robot could not be more useful! Just add it to a wave, enter the link to the RSS feed you want to subscribe to and wait for new posts to appear in your inbox as unread blips.

What Is RSS Video Tutorial

What is RSS? A video tutorial that explains the intricacies of the RSS Internet standard.


FeedJournal converts RSS feeds to PDFs.

Instant RSS for Websites

Enter the URL of your website and an RSS feed will be created with RSSA

Monty Python RSS

There are even RSS feeds for Monty Python!

RSS-to-Email Saves Nearly 20 Staff Hours Per Week

Originally published in an email marketing case study, results have generated interest among industry experts and e-marketers. This exclusive webinar will focus on how RSS feeds can be used to make email campaign management easier than ever, with simple setup and seamless execution. Gold Lassos email marketing experts will also review how the RSS-to-Email function Seminar saved Smiths staff 20 hours per week in message assembly.

Blogger Down and Out

Googles popular Blogger blog-publishing service crashed early on Friday and remained unavailable to most users for about 90 minutes, the type of broad system outage that Google has been trying to eradicate from its Web-hosted applications.

Google acknowledged the crash in brief statements posted to the Blogger Status site and to the Blogger Help Forum.

State of Blogosphere

Technoratis State of the Blogosphere 2009 report topics include: professional blogging activities, brands in the blogosphere, monetization, twitter & micro-blogging and bloggers impact on US and World events.

Podcasting Video Tuorials

Collection of  Video Tutorials for Podcasters.

Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts

It does not matter what you call them: vodcasts, vidcasts, videocasting, or video podcasting... there are a few behind-the-scenes actions you can take to help attract more attention to your video productions. Just like websites, it does not matter how amazing the content is if interested people are unable to find it.

Tips to Optimize Video Podcasts

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