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Cool RSS Usage for Web Templates

Subscribe to the RSS feed and receive notification when any new templates are added to the Webmaster Templates library.

RSS Mixers

More and more internet users are getting familiar with the concept of RSS feeds and its uses. This has resulted in number of online and offline services to help in better RSS Management. Feedburner and Feeblitz lead the way in RSS Management services.

Many a times you want to read content from different sources. While there are tools to filter RSS feed content, tools to mix, blend and Mash-up multiple RSS feeds are more important. They help you grab multiple RSS feeds and create a single customized RSS feed. Here are 10 tools worth checking out… RSS Mixers

RSS Scripts Directory

Large selection of popular RSS Scripts  for manipulating and publishing RSS feeds. Filter scripts, prepublish feeds, convert the feeds to html or merge multiple RSS feeds. Also extract information in a database and make a feed.

Software Deal of the Day

Software Deal of the Day offers one software application for sale every day at a significantly discounted price.

Software Deal of the Day is a new site that offers software applications at a significantly reduced price for only twenty-four hours. Each day a new software deal is available. If you cannot resist a great deal then is for you! features popular software titles. The software discounts range from 10-90% off of list prices, and the software is only available at that price for twenty-four hours! also contains second chance offers. The second chance offers are still discounted and designed for those that miss the deal of the day offer, but the second chance offer is not as deeply discounted as the deal of the day offer.

Many of the software applications on the website even have trial versions available, which allows website visitors to try the software prior to making a purchase decision.

Interested visitors can preview the applications that will be available on the Software-DOD website for the coming week. Additionally, deals are easy to monitor because RSS feeds are available that contain the daily specials, the second chance offers, and a preview of applications that will be featured on the website.

Other webmasters and publishers can also syndicate the Software Deal of the Day offers, and integrate the discount offers into their own websites. provides the tools to make the integration process painless for webmasters. The offers will dynamically update each night as the new offers become available. Providing such great software deals are sure to endear webmasters to their website visitors.

Software developers interested in this new distribution channel are encouraged to submit their software applications for consideration. With economic concerns looming individuals and businesses alike are tightening their spending. Software Deal of the Day is a win for every everyone. Additional details available at

Advice For Getting More Out of RSS

RSS may sound like a distress signal along the lines of SOS, but its real purpose is to make accessing Web information simple. An abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication, it allows you to get all the updated headlines and podcasts in one place, without having to sift through individual Web sites. You can put all your feeds together in an RSS reader, which will become your all-in-one destination for news and information.

Advice for Getting More from RSS

RSS Feed Etiquette

Attempts have been made to create best practice documents and specification clarifications. We felt it would be helpful to provide general guidelines for those constructing an RSS 2.0 feed. In general, the following are guidelines for constructing an RSS feed. It is good to get into the habit of validating the RSS feed, either with software, or with an online validator.

RSS Feed Etiquette

More RSS Icons

Another collection of interesting RSS Icons.

BidVertiser for Feeds

BidVertiser, a site-targeted pay per click advertising network, has now entered the RSS market by offering web publishers a new way to monetize their RSS/ATOM feeds - BidVertiser Ads for Feeds.

NewsGator Client Applications are Now Free!

As part of an effort to help bolster its enterprise business and provide more relevant content to users, NewsGator Technologies Inc. today announced that all of its consumer RSS  client applications are now available without charge.

The list of free applications includes NewsGator Inbox, FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and NewsGator Go for Windows Mobile, Blackberry-Java, iPhone and HTML mobile applications, as well as NewsGator Online, the company said. All include free synchronization across the Web, desktop and mobile devices, NewsGator said.

Greg Reinacker, NewsGator chief technology officer and founder, said that the move was driven by the company's desire to boost corporate sales. NewsGator has found that the more individual users run its client products, the easier it is to sell its server-based products, he said.

How to Use an RSS Feed to Provide Content for Your Website

Article that describes how to pull content from RSS feeds.

Search engines love websites that are continuously updated with fresh content. As a website owner, if you want to achieve or maintain a good search engine ranking, then your goal should be to continually provide updated keyword–based content on a regular basis to your website. Naturally, if you're providing the content yourself, this takes a lot of work. Let me show you how you can get fresh, keyword-based content updated on your site on a daily basis with no work on your part using RSS feeds and PHP, and most of all, the search engines will love it!

Using RSS for Fresh Content

Reflections of 2007

The lens through which viewers receive their news has changed. The images of struggle are no longer frozen in time; technology has helped preserve and personalize these conflicts by producing moving tributes to the conflicts of humankind.

The strife and internal conflicts that marred the globe in 2006 continued into 2007: Mynamar (Burma), Palestine and Lebanon all continue to struggle with internal conflicts in their borders. The differences between 2006 and 2007 are not obvious; however, under close examination, it is evident that several external struggles have been transformed into internal conflicts. In 2006, many countries attempted to influence their neighbors. This was evident with Iran attempting to influence the turmoil in Iraq, and Syria attempting to control Lebanon. Both struggles have evolved into internal personal conflicts in 2007.

2007 Reflections

More Chinese Censorship

China has announced tough new rules to crack down on the explosion of audio-visual content on the Internet, reiterating that sex and politically sensitive material will not be tolerated.

Only state-controlled entities will have the right to operate websites that post audio-visual content, according to the rules, placing into doubt whether Chinese will have access to foreign video sharing sites such as YouTube.

complete article

RSS Micro

RSSMicro is an RSS search engine. RSSMicro uses ajax and an interactive database to retrieve RSS feeds based on keyword searches.

Cool Technology Predictions for 2008

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2008
1. Video
2. Healthy
3. Long Tail
4. Buy USA
5. Rich Internet / Interactive Web / Semantic Web / Web Services
6. Aggregate and Attention Data
7. Power of the People
8. Going Green
9. Biometrics and Big Brother
10. Prosthetics / Bionic

Top 10 Losers Predicted for 2008
1. Lead
2. Squat Toilets
3. DRM
4. China
5. Skinny is Out
6. Blockbuster / Netflix
7. Orbo
8. MySpace fell to Facebook
9. Privacy
10. Piracy

Cool Technology Predictions for 2008

Internet Marketing Resolutions

Internet Marketing Resolutions for the New Year
Starting a New Year is all about self-reflecting. Most individuals celebrate the incoming year by looking back, determining what goals were met and what goals fell short. Most who have made past resolutions then look forward and resolve to do better in the coming year.

Like any Internet marketer, I have a long laundry list of things that I intend to get to... invariably each year the list grows longer, and rarely do I make any significant headway on new projects, ideas, or marketing techniques. I resolve for that to change in 2008! I have compiled a list of Internet Marketing resolutions for the coming year. If your list is already too long, consider saving time and using the list below.

1. Track and Measure
Before launching any advertising campaigns, be sure to determine how the campaign will be tracked. I will determine exactly how much money we need to make from the campaign in order for it to be effective and worth the effort.

2. Investigate Pay Per Review
I resolve to take a closer look at pay per review websites like PayPerReview, ReviewMe, and PayPerPost and to discern whether the model will be effective for marketing software.

3. Make Video Tutorials
It is time! Being a tad on the shy side, this item keeps finding its way to the bottom of my marketing list. However, it is time to utilize videos and use them as marketing tools, websites like YouTube can help raise awareness of products and help instruct our users.

Internet Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Christmas Feed Icons

This is a little late in posting but still worthy of a mention. Webfruits posted Christmas Feed Icons.

2007 Year of RSS

ReadWriteWeb posted 2007: The Year in RSS an interesting overview of RSS events over the past year.

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