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Why One Journalist Opted for RSS Over Twitter

For several months I‚€™ve stopped using RSS feeds in lieu of inbound news through email newsletters, Twitter and scanning headlines of web sites directly.

However, I have recently gone back through my RSS feeds, unsubscribed to a few, and will discipline myself to regularly check the fees throughout the day.

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12/27/2011 is a spam filter for your RSS feeds that allows you to filter up to 500 feeds.

The Importance of RSS

If you read Wikipedia, you will learn that RSS is a type of web aggregator that sends content in the form of a feed to whatever tool you use to read this content. RSS is a convenient tool for those of us who consume a lot of content from the web, but the question is, what benefit does it have for companies involved in content writing management? RSS can help a website develop backlinks, provide an easy access point to your content for clients, and help your content get indexed quickly by major search engines.

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Employers Should Employ RSS

Saving time and money is an epic battle dating back to beginning of time, or at least back to the beginning of money. We now live in a digital age where everything moves at a faster pace than ever before. In order to keep up, we must acclimate. For every old, tried-and-true method, there comes a time when a newer, better version takes its place.

Job boards are used in recruitment, not so much as an avenue for candidates to apply, but more so with the intent of reaching out to as many people as possible. Spreading the word about your opening will generate interest from multiple sources, not just those reading your advertisement. It does not matter how they apply; it only matters that they apply. While job boards represent the tried-and-true method, a more innovative way to get the job reach you‚€™re looking for may have arrived with RSS feeds.

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What do your Subscribers Want?

While there is plenty of debate about what journalists should post and to retweet on social networking sites, there is not enough discussion about what‚€™s not getting posted. Specifically, most of what is debated is about what news organizations want to share ‚€” not what followers actually want to see.

I am sure there are reams of data floating around corporate offices full of feedback from focus groups and online surveys about what readers want. Yet most news organization feeds are bastions of one-way discussion and self-promotion.

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Apple Policies on Social Media

Apples internal policies regarding how employees handle information both at the workplace and at home were revealed in a leaked document, depicting a tightly controlled and regulated operation with no room for error.

A recent UK court case that questioned Apples dismissal of a retail employee over comments he made on Facebook brought attention to internal policies regarding what can and can not be said about the company.

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How to Get Ideas for RSS Feeds?

The best blogs and feeds are those that contain unique, fresh, compelling, content. So where do these prolific posters get their ideas? I talked to a handful of bloggers to determine where their inspiration originated for their content.

Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

1.Google News
Monitor Google News for keywords related to your industry. If you find a story you disagree with or wholeheartedly agree with write about it. Add your thoughts, and editorialize the content. This does not mean you should just repost Google news summaries. The value is not only in the news aggregation, but in the commentary that you provide. Tie news items to specific events, conditions, or the impact of specific news on the industry. Adding a view point or reference to a news article adds genuine value.

How to Get Ideas for RSS Feeds

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RSS Scripts to Manage Your RSS Feeds

Variety of RSS scripts to manage your RSS feeds.

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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