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160 Web Feeds for Designers and Developers

Lists are all related to web design, graphic design, development, CSS, HTML, WordPress, business and freelancing, creativity and inspiration.

160 Feeds for Developers and Designers

RSS Replay

RSS Replay does exactly what it says! It replays the RSS feed, one item at a time, using an interval you specified. Why? Well, you just found an awesome feed, and you want to read through the archive, but you do not have the time to consume it all in one big glut. Instead, you can use RSS Replay to deliver the archive into your reader, one article at time.

RSS Replay

WiseStamps Feed Tab

With WiseStamps Feed tab you can now easily insert your favorite personalized feed, and it will automatically update in your email signatures. Share your latest blog posts, bookmarks, videos, pictures, events and so much moreā€¦

25+ best Feed ideas to empower your Email Signature

RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti is a fun little Facebook application that is meant to take the fuss out of keeping your Facebook friends and fans updated with the latest news from your other sites. RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify.

You can get any feed written on any wall. In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.

Five Filters

FiveFilters RSS to PDF. Convert RSS feeds to PDF files.

RSS Lists

Here are some lists of lists that will be useful to webmasters:
Free Places to Submit RSS Feeds
RSS Tools
Podcasting Tools


Craig2Mail - Deliver any RSS feed to your email!

100 Engineering RSS Feeds

when you are busy with college courses, work, family and a personal life, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news in your field of expertise. These blogs can help make it a little easier, however, providing easily accessible knowledge about a wide range of engineering specialties. Add a few to your RSS feed and you will stay in the know, no matter how busy your life might get.

100 Best RSS Feeds to Follow Engineering News

Protecting Your Reputation Online

Google is sometimes thought to be the bane of the Internet, and it certainly can be a thorn in the side of search engine marketers. Many fail to look beyond the search of today, toward what the implications of indexing and storing information will have on future generations.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

Webmaster Lists!

Here are some lists of lists that will be useful to webmasters:

72 Free Press Release Submission Sites
Free Places to Submit RSS Feeds
RSS Tools
Podcasting Tools


RSSMapper is a Google Maps mashup that fetches your RSS feed and generates a cool embeddable map. The app reads your RSS feeds, looks for place names and coordinates within the feeds, and then displays anything that can be pinned on the map. Check out RSSMapper

RSS Is a Straightforward Solution

RSS is not just another Internet trend --- it is a way to conquer overload without sacrificing the information. It is an answer to the problem that the Web created: If there is so much information out there, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? RSS is a straightforward solution.

Wall Street Journal RSS Feeds

Follow the Wall Street Journal using RSS feeds.

Podcasting Questions and Answers

Podcasting is an up-and-coming and increasingly popular medium for communication. The following are common questions about podcasting, perfect for those just getting started in podcasting as a communication channel...

Quick Questions About Podcasting

100 Best RSS Feeds for Science

If you are a busy college student who wants a way to keep up with all the latest science news, but also need to find a balance with all your school work and other commitments, then following RSS feeds is a great way to customize and streamline the process. Find feeds that touch on everything from space exploration to sustainability to evolution in this awesome list. Sign up for these informative RSS feeds and you will never miss another science news story again.

100 Top Science RSS Feeds

RSS2HTML PHP Script Updated

There is a new release of RSS2HTML PHP script available. The update addresses an issue with the newest version of PHP version 5.3.

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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Audio Recording Software
Record and edit audio files with software.

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