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RSS Blog & RSS News
Bloglines & Bandwith Issues

Bloglines announced on Tuesday that it has expanded its Web services program so that news readers can connect to its free online service for searching and subscribing to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom feeds.

Bloglines, which started in June 2003 under the umbrella of technology incubator Trustic Inc., aggregates RSS and Atom feed subscriptions from its users, then checks once an hour for an updated feed from a publisher, said Mark Fletcher, CEO of the Redwood City, Calif., company.

"Our system acts essentially as an RSS cache and completely eliminates the RSS bandwidth issue," Fletcher said. "We want people to be publishing more RSS feeds, and that's good for the whole industry, and we believe that it makes sense for us to work with some of the desktop aggregators." More

Beta Test RSS Feed Creator

Consider beta testing the latest (and coolest) rss feed creation tool. FeedForAll is a software solution for creating, editing, and enhancing RSS feeds.

New RSS feeds can be quickly and easily created with FeedForAll. Advanced features enable you to create professional looking feeds in an extremely short period of time. Existing RSS feeds can be repaired and enhanced with FeedForAll.

RSS feeds generated by other means can be automatically repaired, so that they conform to the RSS 2.0 specification. Existing feeds can be enhanced to contain advanced feed properties, and give them a more professional look.

Day to day feed maintenance can be handled simply with FeedForAll. Features such as automatic publication date handling and field defaults enables users to keep their feeds up-to-date with minimal effort. Simply put, FeedForAll is everything you want and expect from a RSS creation and maintenance tool.

RSS Digest

Cool resource for content syndicators and webloggers. Place items and headlines from any RSS or Atom enabled site onto your site, no programming or required. It can use either JavaScript, PHP, or an IFRAME as the inclusion method. Get no ugly ads, and use ANY feed! More on rss digest

Life in Iraq - Blog

Iraq war blogs are as varied as the soldiers who write them. Some sites feature practical news, war pictures and advice. Some are overtly political, with more slanting to the right than to the left. Some question the war, some cheer it. While some military bloggers say their commanders have encouraged their online literary ventures, a few say their commanders have shut them down. more

NetNewsWire for Mac Beta

NetNewsWire software for Macintosh is now in beta. NetNewsWire is now more focused on reading news, with lots of new newsreading features and without the weblog editor. more

Iranian Blog Censorship

Hundreds of Iranian online journals have been protesting against media censorship by renaming their websites after pro-reformist newspapers and websites that have been banned or shut down by the authorities. Many of the websites, known as blogs or weblogs, have also posted news items from the banned publications on their websites. The protest was started by blogger Hossein Derakhshan, a student at Toronto university in Canada.

RSS Hype - Interesting Article

That's because few technologies in recent years have received the same kind of broad media hype that has been lavished on RSS. Much of the hype has been deserved, as RSS clearly eases the distribution and consumption of information and news. But when breathless observers predict how RSS will change all software—not to mention the way we work and live—they are doing RSS more harm than good. more

Blogs Take Lead Role In CBS Memo Furor

The people who write blogs, short for Web logs, don't get much respect from the mainstream media. Jonathan Klein, a former senior executive at "60 Minutes," said on Fox News last week that "Bloggers have no checks and balances. ... (It's) a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas." But it took only a day for bloggers to show the emperor has no clothes, exposing CBS for airing a report based on possibly forged documents about President Bush (news - web sites)'s National Guard service. more

RSS Wave

"I foresee a very great number of possible uses for RSS in business and marketing which will surface in the coming 12-18 months. As of now, I see what I call newsmastering as being probably the most effective use of RSS for creating a viable information-based business online. Let me explain this to you in simple terms: a newsmaster is someone capable of designing search formulas and filters that tap into the vast amounts of online information including the Web and the full RSS universe." more on RSS Wave

Bloggers Earning Money

An interesting appeared in USA Today. While bloggers appearance at the political conventions increased awareness, it hasn't apparently lined the pockets of the innovative correspondents. A small fraction of those blogging make an income from their craft ..... more

RSS in the Government

News about how RSS is being used by international, federal, state, and local governments. The site contains a number of government resources for citizens and the rss feeds associated with them.

RSS Feed Creation & Editing Tool

Interested in beta testing FeedForAll? FeedForAll is the latest and most innovative RSS feed creator and editor. FeedForAll will fix errors in malformed feeds (to a point) and properly format feeds. All you need to do is enter information into the appropriate fields.

Instant Messaging and RSS

rss2jabber is a new application that gathers RDF/RSS/Atom newsfeeds and sends them to an IM client. rss2jabber is completely free and can be used by any platform version of Jabber. The new service is another indicator of a strong convergence taking place between real-time communication, collaboration, news gathering and social networking tools.

Google Renews Interest in RSS

Google is considering renewing support for the popular RSS Web publishing format in some of its services, CNET has learned, marking the latest twist in a burgeoning standards war over technology that could change how people read the news.

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, lets online publishers automatically send Web content to subscribers, giving readers a powerful tool to compile news headlines on the fly from several sources at once. Next to Atom, which launched as a challenger last year, RSS has become a leading candidate to form the basis of an industry standard for an entirely new style of Web publishing.

More on Google and the RSS Debate

Corporate America & Blogging Employees

Corporate America weighs in on concerns related to employees and blogging. Sun created a blogging policy to remind employees to put a disclaimer and to think about the consequences related to any posts. The policy is gentle but outlines things that all employers might want to discuss with employees.

Make RSS Feeds

We've tracked down a new website that talks about RSS feed creation! RSS feeds are the latest Internet craze. If you have information and content that needs distribution consider making and rss feed to increase your reach. Check it out at Make RSS Feeds


Track hurricanes and storms with an rss feed from the National Weather Service. The NOAA The uses rss to quickly update users the latest news and updates from a site in a headline or news digest format. This in turn helps during high-traffic periods by reducing the load on the servers.

Watch Ivan in the South Eastern Atalantic ocean.

Feedster v2.0

It took awhile but Feedster v2 is finally here. The new interface is clean and now includes keyword-targeted text ads courtesy of Overture. Keep an eye on Feedster, they are making huge strides for both general-interest web searchers and web publishers alike.

Blabble Releases Beta Of Blog-Tracking Service

Blabble has released the beta version of its research and analysis blog-tracking service for monitoring the viewpoints of blog postings. The service can track, aggregate, and evaluate opinions from more than two million blogs.

Using the Blabble service, users can search blogs for comments about specific products and services, locate common phrases used to describe products, calculate how many people are discussing a product or service over a given time period, and evaluate the tone of discussions about a product or service to gauge how it is being received.

Friendster Fires Bloggers

Friendster, known for breaking new ground in online social networking and promoting self-expression among peers, fired one of its employees Monday for her personal Web log, or online diary. Joyce Park, a Web developer living in Sunnyvale, Calif., said her managers told her Monday that she stepped over the line with her blog, Troutgirl. They declined to elaborate, except to say that it was CEO Scott Sassa's ultimate decision, Park said. More

What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS also known as rich site summary or real simply syndication, arrived on the scene a number of years ago, but was only recently embraced by webmasters as a means to effectively syndicate content. RSS Feeds provide webmasters and content providers an avenue to provide concise summaries to prospective readers. Thousands of commercial web sites and blogs now publish content summaries in an RSS feed. Each item in the feed typically contains a headline; article summary and link back to the online article.

RSS Calendar

This is a great idea. Add calendar events you want to share with friends, family, or co-workers and publish them in a custom RSS feed. RSS Calendar lets users quickly setup online calendars that can be syndicated as RSS feeds.

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