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Email vs RSS Feeds

The debate rages on comparing email and RSS feeds. Lets face it their are benefits associated with each and downsides as well. Email and RSS really are different communication mediums and they are designed for different purposes.

RSS Pros
1. Subscriber Control - you choose what you want to receive
2. Privacy - no need to release private information in order to subscribe (in most cases)
3. Scannable - easy to scan, saving time
4. No Filtering Issues - nothing is lost to spam filters
5. Reach - syndication expands a companies reach

RSS Cons
1. Tracking - RSS is very difficult to reliably track
2. Metrics - accurate reporting is near impossible
3. Adoption - RSS adoption is still limited, not everyone has an RSS reader

Email Pros
1. One on One - designed for personalization
2. Compatibility - everyone can send and receive email

Email Cons
1. Spam - emails are lost in spam filters
2. More Spam - noise to sound ratio overwhelming

Perhaps this over simplifies the comparison but it clearly shows that the two communication methods excel in different areas.

Link Bait Tips for Blog Posts and RSS Feeds

Link Bait gets the readers attention here are some tips for demanding attention. Use titles and posts that:

- attack
- humorous
- contrarian (argumentative)
- notable news
- notable resource
- egotistical

Chinese Blog Policy

Reporters Without Borders criticized the Chinese government for what the press advocacy group considers a move to end anonymous blogging in the communist country.

The government, through the Internet Society of China, recently drafted a pact that was signed by at least 20 major blog service providers in the country, including Yahoo and Microsoft.

The pact stops short [of] the previous project of making it obligatory for bloggers to register, but it can be used to force service providers to censor content and identify bloggers, the group said in a statement. The pact, unveiled Wednesday, signals an imminent new wave of censorship and repression, the group said.

Blogger Update Adds Video

Googles Blogger team this week solved a technical problem with the blog publishing and hosting service and introduced a new feature that gives publishers the ability to upload videos to their sites.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Use your blog to help your website attract traffic. Attention to search engine optimization details could mean the difference between popular and unpopular.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs


Cyndicate is a new email like RSS reader for the Mac O/S. Manually or automatically download podcasts and enclosures using Cyndicate.

Beginner Guide to RSS

Small Office Australia posted a good Beginners Guide to RSS.

This information guide is intended as my way to introduce the whole concept of RSS to Australians who have heard of rss and would like to know more.

I suspect that as it is around the world, only a very small percentage of people understand and actually use RSS - and Australia is no different. In fact, anecdotal evidence shows that the use of RSS is well under 10%.

The reason behind The Beginner Guide to RSS is that mainstream Australia - even those frequently using the web - are not taking up rss usage in numbers that was hoped for. In other words, there is still a long way to go to educate people on the advantages of using rss to manage their online information. I hope this guide goes some way in helping this along.

RSS Field Explanation

This chart contains detailed information about the fields contained in an RSS feed. Feed creators can use this to assist with feed creation.

Government Bloggers

Every U.S. presidential candidate has a Web site, of course, but when the top Democratic hopefuls were asked on Saturday whether they would appoint a White House blogger if elected, all of them said yes.

You need not look far to find Government RSS Feeds.

RSS Feeds for Logos

Receive notification when new logos become available. Great use for RSS Feeds.

RSS Feeds for Logos

Common Errors that Kill Search Engine Ranking

Tricking the search engines just does not work. The search engines do not look kindly upon webmasters who attempt to deceive the search engines about the content contained on a webpage.

1. Cloaking
Cloaking a website is a stealth technique used to provide a copy of a web page to search engines while providing an alternate copy to website visitors. The website copy provided to the search engine is optimized and not always reflective of the real content contained on the webpage.

Common Errors that Kill Search Engine Ranking

What is a Blogathon?

During the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake.

Blog for Legislation

A blog launched this month has teamed with a U.S. senator in an effort to write new broadband legislation, and so far participants have given the process high marks., a blog focused on liberal issues, has been hosting a wide-ranging discussion on broadband policy since Tuesday. Senator Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat and assistant majority leader in the Senate, has joined the discussion, saying he'll use the ideas from OpenLeft to craft broadband legislation.

RSS Higher Value than Blogs

RSS has the highest value among Web 2.0 technologies, according to a Forrester Research report released Friday.

The research firm surveyed 275 IT decision-makers online between April and June.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed report substantial business value for RSS. One in three uses RSS for marketing purposes. Podcasting came in right behind RSS, with 21% reporting substantial business value.

By contrast, only 11% said blogging delivers substantial business value. Fourteen percent said their company does not measure Web 2.0 business value at all. Of those that do measure, the majority look at traditional metrics such as ROI and total cost of ownership.

National Geographic Feeds

National Geographic News headlines and story summaries are now available via RSS feeds.

GreenPeace has RSS Feeds

GreenPeace has RSS feeds. The RSS feeds cover issues from global warming to genetic engineering.

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