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Manage your RSS feeds using dynamic RSS Scripts. You can filter, merge, and display RSS feeds.

Small Businesses Must Adapt or Suffer the Consequences

Small businesses tend to be more agile than large corporations, but in order to take advantage of that strength, they must be willing to adapt with changing times in order to prosper and survive. This is especially true when faced with a difficult economic climate.

Small Businesses Must Adapt

Editors Pick on Google News

Publishers love to have some control over what people see when it comes to their content. That is natural. Google News is run by an algorithm and not human editors so as with most things in an algorithmic setting, the end user settles on what they are given and, in most cases, probably donā€™t know how the information was chosen, just that it was.

Google News has experimented with a feature called Editors Picks but have now made it an official part of the offering.

Veterans Administration Encourages Social Media

On Tuesday, the Department of Veterans Affairs issued a social media policy directive that highly encourages VA employees to use social media tools to interact with the public, NextGov reports.

VA currently has more than 100 Facebook pages, more than 50 Twitter feeds, two blogs, a YouTube channel and a Flickr page. The department expects to have an active Facebook page and Twitter account for all 152 of its medical centers by the end of this year.

complete article

Save time by using RSS feeds

Do you start your morning by visiting numerous websites to find the latest information and updates? Do you find it annoying trying to remember lots of different log in names, user names and passwords? RSS feeds can help you eliminate this time consuming process.

Save Time By Using RSS Feeds

Apps for News Junkies

RSS technology is currently only being used by a minority of internet users to create a personally-tailored news ticker, but the development of advanced news apps specifically designed for mobile devices means the situation is changing.

It is impossible to control the information flood from the internet without some technological help. News readers aggregate syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs and podcasts, which can be subscribed to with the help of RSS

Apps for News Junkies

Tool to Create an RSS feed for Twitter

To make things easier we have created these forms which will generate Twitter RSS feeds for profiles, Twitter lists, and searches.

Generate an RSS Feed for a Twitter user

40 Fast Facts on Twitter

Everyone from Lady Gaga to flacks at General Motors and the kid next door uses the service, which boasts over 200 million registered users and a gaudy valuation that by one estimate is around $8 billion, or $57 million per space in its 140-character messages. Companies that lack a well-planned Twitter strategy are missing out on prime customer intelligence, and forsaking a powerful megaphone of their own. But how did the hashtag and the Fail Whale go from #obscure to #ubiquitous so quickly?

40 Twitter Fast Facts


Liquida is a news portal that allows you to submit your news articles and have people rate, comment and share your content over the web and on major social networks.


FeedDude - Enter a URL and automatically generate an RSS feed for the page.

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