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Good RSS Blogs
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While posting is not frequent on the Pheedo blog, the quality of the posts is really quite good
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Japans Political Rules Impact Bloggers

On Tuesday, 1,370 Japanese stopped blogging and Twittering. There's perhaps nothing unusual about that; after all, hundreds give up social media efforts every day. But for these people the halt to their online activities has been brought on by the law.

No, they have not done anything wrong. But they are candidates in Japan's upcoming national election, and with the official 12-day campaigning window now underway, online communication is off-limits.

complete article

Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers

Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed, so you can increase adoption and spread the message contained in the RSS feed.

Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers for Sale
08/18/2009 is up for sale.

Evolution of Blogging

Interesting look and view of the Evolution of Blogging.

RSS to PDF Newspaper

Enter the RSS feed or OPML URL to create and RSS to PDF newspaper.

Get Ready for Halloween with RSS Icons

Get ready for Halloween early with these Halloween RSS Icons.


RSSHandler is an RSS to podcast converter that aims to solve this problem by converting Youtube RSS feeds to FLV, MP4 and other such computer mobile friendly formats.

FTC Is After Bloggers

The Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating fair blogging practices, but an advertising group is one step ahead, and has forced two companies to clearly disclose their relationship with the health-related products they promote via blogs and Web sites.

complete article


PHP Script that converts SQL database to RSS Feeds, SQL2RSS.

Hallmarks of a Good Podcast

There are many, many things that separate a good podcast from all the rest. Here are a few to consider...

Recording Quality
The quality of the recording is probably the most critical component of a podcast. A good podcast is easy to understand, and should be recorded at a volume level that makes it easy for listeners to hear all that is said.

Sound Balance
Adding background music polishes a podcast, but be careful that the music does not overpower the primary content. The background music should be subtle and not distracting. Create a balance that does not compromise the quality of the recording. Also, be sure that the music is not the focal point of a podcast show, unless the topic is about the music -- the emphasis should be on the primary content, and not on the musical arrangements.

Hallmarks of a Good Podcast

Twitter Attack and Blogger Linked

The outage that knocked Twitter offline for hours was traced to an attack on a lone blogger in the former Soviet republic of Georgia €” but the collateral damage that left millions around the world tweetless showed just how much havoc an isolated cyberdispute can cause.

complete article

The Military Is Not Social

Apparently the Marines can protect our country, but when it comes to social media they are defenseless, as they banned use of social media - Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have been banned - effective immediately.

complete article

RSS Subscribers or Twitter Followers: Which Are Worth More?

I personally do not think it needs to be an either, or, both have value -- RSS Subscribers or Twitter Followers: Which Are Worth More?

EU Feeds

Over 1000 European newspaper feeds.

PDF Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yahoo, and MSN can all spider and index text-based PDF files, and generally they rank quite well. PDF files can be used to seize top listings for important keywords and keyword phrases. In order to have a PDF effectively rank well in organic searches, it should be optimized for the search engines, just as you would optimize a web page. Optimization of PDF files for search engines is very similar to search engine optimization for other types of content...

PDF Search Engine Optimization

Commodity Future Trading RSS Feeds

Commodity Future Trading Community RSS feeds for monitoring news related to the futures market.

Australian Police Use Twitter

Australian police said they were joining the Twitterati Thursday, using the micro-blogging service to discourage drink-driving among young people.

complete article

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RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.

Audio Recording Software
Record and edit audio files with software.

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