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RSS Articles

Collection of articles related to RSS and news feeds.

Everything RSS - RSS Feeds provide webmasters and content providers an avenue to provide concise summaries to prospective readers. Thousands of commercial web sites and blogs now publish content summaries in an RSS feed.

Creating RSS Feeds - step by step walk through of creating an RSS feed. RSS feed creators provide content without forcing it on consumers.

Everything Blogs - The roots of blogging can be traced back to the mid 1990's. Who the very first blogger actually was is unclear, as the art of blogging did not really take hold until 1999.

RSS Feeds - Lets face it as much as we all rely on email communications it is not really a reliable technology.

Blogging Cashing In - Blogging for dollars might sound like the latest game show or some new drinking game, but it's the latest craze to hit the Internet. Bloggers began blogging for a number of reasons, but as the blog movement has increased in popularity, they have found ways to monetize their blogs and are seeing their commitment pay off.

Blogging for Kids - Children love having an audience. The instant recognition and approval that comes from a crowd just can't be beat. Employing blogs to help develop good spelling habits, grammar skills, and develop a love for writing at a young age is an innovative concept that has potential.

Syndicated Content - Many webmasters are struggling to find fresh, innovative content while other savvy webmasters have realized the potential hidden within RSS and are adopting the technology at a maddening pace. By utilizing RSS, webmasters can tap numerous free content sources with very little effort. RSS truly is a webmaster's key to free content.

Do I Need A Feed - RSS has been around for more than 10 years but has only recently become popular. RSS provides headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way.

Benefits to RSS - The big benefit to RSS is that individuals opt-in to content of interest, totally controlling the flow of information that they receive. If the quality of the content in the feed declines, users simply remove the feed from their RSS reader and they will not receive any additional updates from that source. The RSS reader acts as an aggregator, allowing users to view and scan multiple content streams in a timely fashion.

RSS: News You Choose - Publishers and webmasters provide content and news in an RSS feed. Users view the content of interest in an RSS reader or news aggregator. The aggregator or reader contains the collection of feeds that are of interest to the user. As the RSS feed is updated the content in the reader or aggregator updates with the new information.

How Podcasting is Used? - Although podcasting is new, it is well on its way to becoming a mainstream communication medium. Podcasting, simply put, is audio files that are delivered via RSS. Many people believe that podcasting is solely for the distribution of music files, but really, nothing could be further from the truth.

RSS Search Engine Optimization - In some ways RSS is very similar to HTML, the language commonly used to create websites. Just as with HTML, webmasters using traditional search engine optimization tactics when creating an RSS feed will find that their RSS feed receives additional exposure and interest.

RSS The Amazing Profit Potential - The marketing and profit potential of RSS is, simply said, quite amazing. It's not just good for blogs, and it's certainly much more than just another way of getting your content to your readers.

Steps to Creating & Promoting RSS Feeds - RSS, or Really Simple Syndication as it is commonly known, is a technology that gives webmasters the ability to easily distribute and publish syndicated content on the Internet. It seems like all Internet businesses now have RSS feeds available; at least your competitors do. You have finally made the decision that you have to have one. Where do you start?

10 Tips for Bloggers - There are no hard and fast rules on how to blog. Having said that, bloggers will likely increase their exposure by following some simple blog guidelines.

RSS for Marketers - RSS is a technology that has the potential of overcoming many of the internet marketing challenges we are facing today and becoming a preferred tool to get 100% of your content delivered to your subscribers, as well as a tool to help you achieve top position search engine rankings.

Making Money with RSS Feeds - First it was banner ads, then Google AdSense and now, the latest way to make money on your web site could very well be RSS feeds.

Podcast Tools - Podcast feeds automatically bring updated information straight to your desktop. You can monitor or promote news, job listings, personals, and classifieds using RSS.

Content Syndication Through RSS Feeds - RSS, also known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, has been used for years by online visitors. However, it has only recently begun to gain popularity among webmasters as a means of providing visitors with constantly refreshed content.

Full Circle of RSS Marketing - While RSS does provide a number of benefits when used for each individual marketing function, best results are achieved when it is fully integrated in your internet marketing strategy.

The Future of RSS is Not Blogs - Blogs vaulted RSS into the limelight but are unlikely to be the force that sustains RSS as a communication medium. The biggest opportunities for RSS are not in the blogosphere but as a corporate communication channel.

Do Marketers Need RSS? - Soon after the Forrrester study became public, I received a press enquiery asking whether marketers should be interested in RSS now that so few online adults use it.

The Copyright Debate and RSS - RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right? Well no, not exactly.

RSS Won the Syndication Standards Battle - Microsoft's inclusion of RSS into the newest version of Internet Explorer and reports that RSS will be in Longhorn's coming release appears to be the final nail in the coffin of the Atom specification.

RSS Experts - Collection of advice from top RSS industry marketers.

Publishing E-zines Using RSS - While RSS might not be used by as many people as e-mail, you can be sure that those that do use it and subscribe to your feeds will get your content without fail.

RSS and Email - For most marketers online e-mail is still the key marketing and communicational tool, with its use ranging from e-zine publishing, direct sales messages, loyalty campaigns to internal communications between team members.

Marketing Optimization 101 for Blogs - Truth be told, most blogs aren't really optimized for marketing effectiveness. Even more so, some blogs are absolute marketing machines, but they at the same time fail to fully capitalize on that fact by not being really optimized marketing-wise.

NEW Measuring and Tracking RSS - Measuring and tracking RSS while a fairly simple concept, is really anything but. Unlike websites, RSS have the added caveat of potential syndication, making accurate tracking a challenge to anyone but the extremely tech savvy.

NEW Profiting From RSS Feeds - Publishers are evaluating options and determining how they can profit from RSS feeds. The two obvious contenders that publishers are considering to profit from their RSS feeds are: subscription RSS feeds and RSS feed advertisements.

NEW RSS More Than Just News Headlines - The core use for RSS is generally considered news headlines and blog syndication, but innovative businesses are learning to use RSS in different ways.

NEW What is Fair Use? - Regardless of whether you manage an RSS feed or syndicate existing feeds, it is a good idea to become familiar with what constitutes fair use under copyright laws.

NEW Promoting RSS Feeds - In order to reap the benefits of an RSS feed, it is important the feed be properly publicized. Taking simple steps to promote an RSS feed will go a long way in ensuring a feeds adoption.

NEW Improved RSS Feeds - RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic.

NEW Top RSS Dos and Don'ts - RSS is not quite a household word, but technically astute individuals are adopting the use of RSS feeds at an alarming rate.

NEW RSS Etiquette - In order to efficiently communicate as a blogger on the Internet, it is critical to understand the unwritten rules of blogging etiquette.

NEW Places to Get Ideas for Blog Posts - Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

NEW 13 Tips to Grow Your RSS Feed Subscribers- Starting an RSS feed or is not difficult to attract readers, it is however difficult to retain readers. By following a few simple unwritten rules you will find your subscriber base swell.

NEW Realty and RSS - While many realtors have real estate blogs, which is quite evident in the directory of real estate blogs many are missing the opportunity to extend their audience even further by using RSS Feeds.

NEW Create Professional RSS Feeds - More and more companies are using RSS as a means to communicate, so having an RSS feed that is professional and well polished will help differentiate your company from your competition. What makes an RSS feed professional?

NEW Blog Posts that Attract Attention - Blogs are now a dime a dozen, and bloggers need to make their blog posts stand out. Developing a blog following is not as easy as it once was.

NEW Locate Jobs with RSS Feeds - Take an active approach to monitoring the employment industry and its job opportunities by utilizing RSS feeds and alerts.

NEW What Can be Published Using RSS Feeds- With all the vast amounts of information available on the web, it is becoming more and more difficult to sort through and find what you are looking for. RSS significantly lowers the signal-to-noise ratio.

NEW ABC's of RSS Feeds - Learn the ABCs of RSS....

NEW Increase RSS Subscribers - Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach.

15 Ways To Read An RSS Feed - RSS is just another language of the web, but you can actually completely ignore the code itself, just like you can ignore the source code behind web pages that you visit - you are only interested in the end product that the code is designed to produce for you, the end user.

5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Publish a News Feed - It seems like everyone is talking about RSS Feeds. They’ve been around for years but the buzz is up about them as the technology continues to go mainstream.

Get Your Feed Listed at Yahoo - When I finally started using my feeds during some research, I ran across Yahoo's "Add to My Yahoo!" button on many sites that also carry the orange "XML" insignia, And I have to say, it shocks me how easy it seems to be to get Yahoo to pay attention to your feed.

How You Can Get A Free Enhanced Listing in Yahoo With Your RSS Feed - When I first discovered that you could get into Yahoo’s RSS Feed directory so quickly, I started making a lot of observations about their site. The first thing I noticed is that they made some subtle changes to their search page.

RSS Syndication - RSS Syndication or RSS Newsfeeds (RSS Feeds for short) all refer to the same thing. There are two parts to the process, the publisher, and the consumer. The publisher produces a small text file in a special format that lists the title and address of an article or resource published on the World Wide Web.

Why Authors Should Blog - Due to the dynamic nature of blogs, the bloggers with their laptops could report in real time, thus getting their stories online long before the morning newspapers would hit the streets. Commentators even mentioned that many of the breaking news stories had been reported first by bloggers.

Tools for Webmasters - Unless webmasters have a well-established brand, a great domain name and a huge marketing budget, it is important that they appear in search engines via specific keywords. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of resources and products that will benefit webmasters in their efforts to be found.

Podcasting Explained - Podcasting is quickly becoming a buzz word among the techie crowd. So what is podcasting, anyway? Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand. However, in reality, podcasting gives far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does.

RSS Tools - Considering the ever-increasing support for RSS in online communities, we have compiled a list of resources and products that will benefit webmasters, web surfers and publishers in their quest to understand the power of RSS.

RSS for Business - While RSS was at one point only considered to be a means to deliver news headlines, RSS has quickly become a powerful medium to disseminate all kinds of information. As traditional marketers are attempting to rein in content delivery, measuring e-mail open rates, click-throughs and conversions, Internet users are fighting to gain control over the content they receive. Savvy marketers and business owners are using RSS as a way to improve corporate communication and increase their external exposure and brand appeal.

Displaying RSS Feeds - Content contained in RSS feeds can be added to websites a number of different ways. Each method for displaying the RSS feed has pros and cons associated with it. Webmasters will need to determine which option will best meet their hosting and technology needs.

RSS is Not Only for Blogs - Contrary to popular opinion, RSS is not only good for delivering content from your blog, although blogs are what made RSS so popular.

How Podcasting Works - It has been said that in October of 2004 a Google search returned less than 6,000 results for the term "podcasting". Today, a similar search yields more than 857,000 results. Like the blogging phenomenon, podcasting has come out of nowhere and attracted an enthusiastic following.

RSS Meets the Needs of Direct Marketers - Contrary to general opinion, RSS meets the needs of even the most demanding direct marketer, actually providing most of what e-mail marketing does, except for the strong push factor. Most direct marketing reasons against RSS are in fact the result of inadequate understanding of RSS by most marketers.

7 Steps to promoting Your RSS Feeds on Your Website - RSS gets 100% of your content delivered, but it’s no good if no one subscribes to your feeds. So your first order of business after planning and creating your feeds has to be promoting them to your visitors.

RSS Works - Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

RSS Opportunities - When it comes to new internet marketing opportunities for your business, RSS just might be the answer you were looking for. Here are just some of the new opportunities it can provide you with …

Microsoft and Google Show It's Time for RSS Marketing - Many internet marketers are still wondering whether to start marketing with RSS or not.

RSS as a Change Agent -To better understand how RSS is changing the way companies and individuals deliver and consume content on the macro scale, let us first remember how content is traditionally delivered and consumed.

Promote Your Blog -Well, you've joined the others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world about your online journal.

RSS vs Email -Although RSS and blogs are slowly reaching mainstream, they are still missuderstood by most marketers in relation to eachother and in relation to their relatives, e-zines and e-mail. How do these four really relate and what does this mean for your internet marketing strategy?

RSS Ego Searches -Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords.

What Can You Publish via RSS Contrary to popular opinion, RSS is not only good for delivering content from your blog, but has much more marketing and publishing potential.

Your RSS Feed Might Look Like Spam
With more users turning to them for driving traffic to their site, it’s no wonder that a trail of RSS feed spam is following in the wake.

What is Creative Commons?
A Creative Commons license allows creators to place conditions on their copyrights.

Instant Content; Converting a Text Article to a Podcast
Publishers and marketers alike have embraced content syndication and RSS but few have considered the value beyond the actual syndication. Consider an alternative communication channel that reaches a new or different audience.

What is Web 2.0?
There has been a lot of chatter lately about Web 2.0, as if the Internet is a versioned software application. So what is Web 2.0? Simply put, Web 2.0 is a perceived transition of the web to web applications.

NEW Realtors Employ RSS
Daily more and more realtors are turning to RSS as a tool to market homes for sale. The growing RSS phenomenon in the realty market makes perfect sense. Unlike email RSS feeds have a 100% delivery rate.

NEW RSS Elements
An integral part of getting the most from RSS is really understanding how RSS works as a technology --- basically understanding its structure and how to best use it to get more readership and better search engine rankings.

NEW Publicize Your Podcast
Podcast promotion should be approached with the same tactics as website promotion. Identifying and informing your audience will increase communication and dialogue.

NEW Select a News Aggregator
Web surfers might want to give thought to another consideration of cross compatibility and synchronization. With the advances in RSS readers, many subscribers use multiple platforms to read their feeds.

Web surfers might want to give thought to another consideration of cross compatibility and synchronization. With the advances in RSS readers, many subscribers use multiple platforms to read their feeds.

NEW RSS Quiz - Test Your RSS Smarts
You think that you have mastered the art of RSS, but how much do you really know?

NEW RSS Does Not Equal Blogs
Many assume that RSS is only for syndicating the contents of blogs, nothing could be further from the truth.

NEW Vertical Marketing with RSS Feeds
Many assume that RSS is only for syndicating the contents of blogs, nothing could be further from the truth.

NEW RSS and Education
Academia has embraced RSS as a means to educate, but scrutinizing how educational institutions are using RSS feeds in their daily routines show RSS is utilized can vary across different industries.

NEW Legal RSS Feeds
Lawyers are using RSS feeds a number of different ways to increase efficiency and productivity.

NEW Financial RSS Feeds
Financial companies can stay ahead of their competition and maximize their time by using RSS to stay up to date on relevant industry news.

NEW RSS Feed Etiquette
We felt it would be helpful to provide general guidelines for those constructing an RSS 2.0 feed.

NEW Real Estate Video Podcast
Let the home shine by using technology to help market the property. Present the home in the best possible light, and through a variety of channels, and watch sales soar.

NEW Unusual RSS Tools
Web 2.0 syndication tools are finally catching up with the technology. There are a number of unusual ways that businesses are utilizing RSS feeds.

NEW Make RSS Feeds
It is no longer necessary to manually create an RSS feed. There are a number of WYSIWYG software applications available, which simplify the creation of an RSS feed.

NEW Blog Promotion
There are a wide variety of things you can do in regard to blog promotion. Here are just a few...

NEW RSS Pros and Cons
If you are struggling with the decision of whether to implement RSS feeds or not, consider the following pros and cons for webmasters who use RSS feeds as part of their content and communication plan...

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